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Who we are


Hillside Turkey Farms is a USDA inspected third generation farm and plant.

We specializes in the further processing of poultry to a wide range of customers including families and restaurants at the highest quality.


Weekly Specials

This week’s specials.  Prices good 1/19-1/21/17


Boneless, Skinless, Breast Meat $1.59/lb.

Jumbo Party Wings $2.59/lb.

Wings $1.99/lb.

Ground Breast Meat --NO SKIN $1.99/lb.

80 piece package $42.99 each



Buffalo Meatballs $3.99/lb.

Smoked Kolbassi $4.25/lb.

Deli Sliced Roasted Breast $4.99/lb.

Smoked Necks or Tails $2.49/lb.

Breast Steaks $3.99/lb.



Extra Large Brown Eggs $1.50/dozen

Pork Sausage $2.99/lb.

Pork Bacon $3.59/lb.

Farmers Cheese $3.99/lb.

American Cheese $2.99/lb.

Breaded Haddock Filets $3.99/lb.

Chicken Nuggets $2.00/lb.



Featured Recipe

Smoked Turkey Club Sandwich Spread


2 cups minced Hillside Smoked Turkey 1/4 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup olives (sliced) 1/4 cup almond (ground)


Mix all ingredients well and serve on crackers, melba toast, or pumpernickel bread. Pecans or Black Walnuts may substitute for almonds. 

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